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The very first True Crime podcast in Tamil were we will tell you how a love story turns into a crime of passion every week if possible everyday . we will also analyse brain behind the murder and also the mistakes that led the killer get caught .To know more about my favourite murders stay tuned to Beyond Blood . There is a story behind every drop of a blood .

S02E15 - MISSING : Paul Gruber

Ep.15 - Paul Gruber, the victim in this case, spent Christmas 1993 with his daughter in Reno, Nevada.   On January 5, 1994, he returned to his home in...
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S02E13 - MURDERED : Martin Dillon

Ep.13 Murder Victim, he was an attorney in Montrose, Pa, who was murdered by his wife's lover. News Crews from all over the country came to the small ...
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S02E10 - MURDERED : Gloria watkins

Ep.10 Florida man charged with killing his mother using gun, bow and arrow . To know more about the case check this link :
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S02E08 - MURDERD : Holly Jones

Ep.8 Holly Jones: How 10-year-old’s murder a decade ago brought a Toronto community together . To know more about the case check this link : https://w...
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S02E07 - Silk Miller Murder Case

Ep.7 The Silk–Miller murders was the name given to the murders of Victoria Police officers Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller in Co...
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S02E06 - MISSING : John Terry

Ep.6 John Christopher Terry left work on a Friday in October 2014, stopped by to pick up some groceries at the Hillsboro Walmart and then disappeared....
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