Beyond Queer Stories

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Beyond Queer Stories podcast gives voice to the queer community through the art of storytelling. We feature a storyteller from the community every week to get to know them and hear about their experiences beyond sexual orientation and gender identity. In the queer community we are often called to only tell our queer stories. We go beyond single identities and discuss the intersectionality of our experiences and who we are as a diverse community.

Ep 53: Jana: This heathen city

This week Dawn and Anna talk with Jana, a Moth StorySLAM winner who is figuring out the meaning of life over and over again. She talks about her journ...
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New co-host: Anna DeShawn

Introducing our new guest co-host Anna DeShawn! Check out her previous episode this week and stay tuned for all new episodes next week with Dawn and A...
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Ep 47: Jay:

This week we hear from Jay. He talks with Dawn about his asexual identity and his recent venture into speaking around the South Suburbs advocating for...
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