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A Podcast about BIM and Revit technology and techniques.

E2135 – Hallvard Nydal

In this episode, we learn all about Spacemaker from Hallvard Nydal, Head of Production at Spacemaker AI. Show Notes Episode Hashtag: #SpacemakerAI Her...
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E2134 – Vince Auletta

In this episode, the BIMThoughts crew talks with the Director of Solutions at Parsec, Vince Auletta. We learn what Parsec is, and how it can help you ...
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E2133 – Mark Dietrick

In this episode, we talk with Mark Dietrick, Director of Services at Case Technologies, about a cool project he worked on in Brownsville, PA. We learn...
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E2132 – Beau Turner

In this episode, we are joined by Beau Turner, CEO of 757 Makerspace. We talk about how Beau moved from the AEC industry to running his own makerspace...
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E2131 – Scott Chatterton

In this episode, we chat with “The BIM Jedi” Scott Chatterton, BIM Technical Director at BIM One. We talk about BIM consulting, past present and futur...
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E2129 – Ian Siegel

In this video episode, the BIMThoughts crew is joined by Ian Siegal, Digital Project Director at Willow. We learn about Digital Twins and more specifi...
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E2128 – Michael Kilkelly

In this episode, Carl interviews Michael Kilkelly of ArchSmarter fame and a man of many hats! We learn about the origins of ArchSmarter, Revit Macros ...
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