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Birds and Bees Podcast is a bi-weekly show geared to educate parents and couples about topics in sexuality to empower parents to feel comfortable in talking to their children about sexual health and couples to talk with each to improve intimacy with each other. The host is Braxton Dutson a certified AASECT sex therapist in Salt Lake City Utah. He interviews professionals to better help listeners understand the complexities and nuances of sexuality in many different contexts. The information is meant to support couples in their personal relationships, and empowering parents to teach their children correct sexual information. We cover topics that support having healthy conversations with your partner, adolescents and children. Topics include, but are not limited to: Teens sexuality, Pornography, sexual orientation, Pregnancy, healthy relationships, and how to have productive, age-appropriate conversations about sex and intimacy. We do not use crude language in the show. However, due to the nature of our topic we due use anatomically correct terms for the body, and identify terms that teens may be using to help parents be informed. Call in a question at 385-449-1818 follow us on twitter @birdsandbeespod or

Come As You Are Sexy Book Club

A colaboration between Birds and Bees Podcast Braxton Dutson and Sex Therapy 101 with Cami Hurst Today we discuss topics from the book Come as You Are...
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