Birds of a Feather

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Up to the date basketball and football news and main events happening in sports.

NBA Bubble Life

On this episode of Birds of A Feather Zack and Brandon discuss the NBA bubble and why players are leaving! Also we talk about our teams and their chan...
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Nobody Wanted Cam!

How is a former MVP QB that also led his team to the Super Bowl just left out to dry?! Now that he was FINALLY picked up he only gets a vet minimum?! ...
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Drew Brees and JR SMH

Drew out here talking and JR out here beating people up! What a wild few weeks in sports. Listen to Zack and Brandon discuss. 
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Pre Draft Predictions

This episode was recorded pre draft 2020 and post "The Last dance" 1&2 documentary. Hear what Zack and I have to say about Both! Keep it Locked! 
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