Bite On This

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Bite On This is an A-Z podcast series produced by The Better India. This 26-episode series will follow the alphabetical order for interesting stories on topics of food.

Bite On This - Lemons

India is the largest producer of limes and lemons in the world with an estimated production of three million tonnes per annum. All through the year, m...
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Bite On This - Kulfi

Did you know that the word ‘kulfi’ actually referred not to the dish, but to the container in which milk was frozen? “It was the metal container in wh...
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Bite On This - Jackfruit

Jackfruit, which is native to South India, is grown in tropical regions around the world, but it holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. Unlik...
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Bite On This - Idli

In 2013, a survey called the Indian Breakfast Habits Study was conducted in four major metro cities–Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The result...
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Bite On This - Haldi

When the mercury dips low, we Indians have solutions at home, right in our kitchens. Honey and ginger drops for cough and cold; ghee for nourishment; ...
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Bite On This - Ghee

Tempering is a basic step in Indian cooking. Adding deep-fried whole spices, chillies, chopped ginger and garlic to capture their individual and colle...
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Bite On This - Food Art

Cooking is what enabled the evolution of the human race and contributes to its survival. But over time, we stopped eating purely for sustenance; food ...
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Bite On This - Edible Flowers

Across India, flowers mean and signify many things—from romance and abundance to wealth, beauty and purity, to even knowledge and enlightenment. We us...
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Bite On This - Desi Food

In episode 4 of Bite On This, we catch up with Bhavna, a food blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She talks about her love of simple, home-cooked Indi...
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Bite On This - Chutney

‘Pachadi’ in Telugu, ‘chutney’ in Hindi, ‘dip’ or ‘sauce’ in the Queen’s English, few Indians can resist a freshly ground condiment.  Episode 3 of Bit...
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