Bite Size Biographies

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Bite Size Biographies is the podcast where people share the story of their life. Our goal is to encourage everyone to tell their life story. If you want to share your story on this podcast visit

Lisa – Artist and Homebody

Lisa discusses life as a Canadian raised in a culturally Indian household, and reflects on what it was like to be called "exotic" and regularly asked ...
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Michael Rivera

Michael discusses growing up in Hong Kong, discovering his passion for Archaeology, the difficulties he faced going to college half a world away in an...
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Cory talks with Ash about her life, from Detroit to Texas and beyond. Ash opens up about the culture shock of her move, when seeking help for medical ...
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Bob aka Rob Jung

"I’m a storyteller. Sometimes, I put those stories on paper. That makes me a writer. When they get published, I become an author. But, essentially, I’...
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