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Comedian Hadiyah Robinson delivers a Blackety, Black, Blackest perspective on politics, sports, current events and more. It's an hour of insight with your woke yet petty black friend. Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google and more.

Thank You

It's been a wonderful 4 years. Thanks for riding with me through it all. Last episode. I can't say thank you enough. More to come.  FIND ME at www.hrc...
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This episode I'm talking ATLANTA, COVID and THANKSGIVING.  SUBSCRIBE | REVIEW | SHARE FIND Host Hadiyah Robinson SUPPORT by becoming ...
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Black Women

That's the title and that is the podcast summary. I mean what else is there to say? OKay, Fine. I'll try.  An iconic black woman has passed but the le...
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Frozen Worms

I'm talking 42000 yr old worms, frozen trump rally and the real problem with protests.  Reminder, we're in the home stretch. VOTE  SUBSCRIBE.  REVIEW....
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The Buzz Cut

It's 2020 of course there's an asteroid and Ice Cube is a trump supporter.  I'm talking the asteroid set to "buzz cut" Earth on Nov 2nd. Ice Cube's si...
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Democrat Balls

This episode I'm talking dumb car crashes and bad bets, Amy Cooper co signs Bill Burr's monologue and the voting disaster that I told ya'll was coming...
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Back on the BS

The spiral continues. Cops is back on that BS. Kamala wants plexiglass but I think she needs more and I detail how much Daniel Cameron deserves less. ...
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A Whole Shit Show

I'm talking about the Debates and my frayed mental health.  Issa Word this week is courtesy of @blackamazon
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Whose Ancestors

This episode I'm talking: White Fried Chicken Crack Cheese
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Blow the Whistle

This episode I'm talking more trump lies, Fresh Prince BnB,  Breonna Taylor settlement and the whistle blower of the Uterus Collector.    LINKS:  PRES...
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