Black Mama, White Mama


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Jennifer (black mama) and Monika (white mama) tackle some tough conversations about race and parenting.

Your Search Results Are Racist

The search engines and apps we use every day are not neutral - they have encoded biases that can reinforce racist stereotypes. In this episode, we tal...
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What Took So Long?

We try to make sense of why white people are seemingly just "waking" up to racism. And how we move forward from here.  What we're reading: When Black ...
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What We Got Right... and Wrong

It's been a year since we launched our first episode. We reflect on our parenting wins, where we've fallen short, and what happens when your school up...
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What Are You?

Have you ever asked this question? Have you ever been asked this question? The multiracial population is the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. M...
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'White Silence is Deadly'

Many white parents have no idea how to talk with their kids about race, so they avoid the topic entirely. But as author and professor Jennifer Harvey...
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Coded Language

Diversity, tolerance, politically correct... Jennifer and Monika decode some common and seemingly innocuous words and phrases that, in reality, send r...
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Befriend Discomfort

When Jennifer attempted to talk to her kids about Martin Luther King, Jr., she tripped over her words. How do we talk to children about tough topics i...
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Pilot: Motherhood and Race

Welcome to Black Mama, White Mama. Two friends -- Jennifer (black mama) and Monika (white mama) --talk about how they met, why they decided to make a ...
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