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Black Politics Today is the prolific political conscience of the African American community, and the heartbeat for “What’s At Stake” with public policy impacting the social, economic, and political affects on the African American community.

121 - White Panthers

White Nationalism has become the embodiment of what white republicans have come to stand for under this administration. However, Wakanda is what most ...
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120 - “Cries of Anger”

Guns Kill People! Yes, people kill people too. However, people would not be able to kill anyone without the absolute access that is given to guns in t...
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118 - Trumptastrophe

The Republican lead congress has dramatically embraced the entire Trump mantra and it’s continued displays to disrupt and distract the American people...
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117 - America’s Blind Trust

A racist, bigoted, narcissistic buffoon sits in 1600 without a clue of what to do, or how to do it. And yet, there are people who still think that hav...
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116 - The Queen of the City

On November 7th, after winning the Primary by 11points, history will be made in the Queen City of Cincinnati Ohio, where Councilmember Yvette Simpson ...
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115 - “A Slow & Dirty Death”

When a Commander in Chief lies about his conduct, everyone should hold that individual accountable. From Congress to the American people, they should ...
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114 - “.45 Caliber”

A .45 Caliber weapon is known for its destruction to human life. It’s powerful bullet can rip through the bones of a man’s kneecap, or put a cantaloup...
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112 - Reality Check

It was June 16, 2015, when a 68yr old smug, arrogant, insecure, narcissistic, Test Tube baby declared his candidacy for the presidency of these United...
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