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Blher Podcast takes on the world one social issue at a time ----highlighting the perspectives of two young, black, professional women. We cover everything from politics, law, religion, pop culture and the day-to-day we face through storytelling and discussion. Featuring Kelly Jeanine and Brittany.

Attempting Democracy

In this episode, we are discussing elections, democracy, and the importance of voting on November 3rd.
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From Protests to Ballots

In this episode Kelly Jeanine and Brittany discuss the recent protests, the stereotypes of "The Black Vote" and how we each have immense power to make...
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Covid Chronicles

In today’s episode we are discussing life during a pandemic and how we’re finding peace. We hope you are staying healthy and safe during these hard ti...
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Activism on the Fringes

Are social media activists "on the fringe" of what it means to truly be an activist? What's the difference between activism and advocacy? In our final...
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Music & Culture

In today’s episode we are discussing the music we love, how music changes lives, and the importance of music in society and culture.  Make sure to che...
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Modern Colonization

In this episode, as we welcome the Thanksgiving holiday, Brittany and Kelly explore colonization and American history 
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