Bloody Brilliant Women, with Cathy Newman

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This is a history of our times. This is a history of the pioneering women who defied the odds to make careers for themselves and alter the course of modern history. This is a history of women who achieved remarkable things, but have faded into oblivion. You'll meet women who pioneered in the fields of law, medicine, social activism, engineering, and the military, hear their incredible stories, and see how they made history. Subscribe now to get a new episode every Friday.

Twenty-First Century Women

In the final episode we’ll meet Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Laura Bates, Caroline Criado-Perez, as-well as incredible female MPs serving in all strands of go...
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The 'Boom' Years

In this episode we’ll meet Sophie Mirman, Margaret Seymour, Martha Lane Fox, Penny Smith, Susan Faludi, and Lesley Knox, amongst many others. Through ...
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In this episode we’ll explore Thatcherism: the woman and the movement. We’ll learn about her changing attitudes towards working women and the way in w...
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Marjorie Hurst

In this episode we’ll meet Marjorie Hurst, the founder of the Brook Street Bureau secretarial agency. Through her story we’ll explore the reinforcemen...
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Jane Drew and Modern Architecture

In this episode we’ll meet Jane Drew, a visionary architect of the mid-20th century; and the better-known novelists Iris Murdoch, Agatha Christie, and...
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Politics and War

In this episode we’ll meet Ellen Wilkinson, Joan Clarke, Violette Szabo, Pauline Gower, and Lettice Curtis, amongst many others. Through their stories...
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Beatrice Shilling

This episode is dedicated to Beatrice Shilling, a truly phenomenal woman of the 20th century. She was an aeronautical engineer and amateur racing driv...
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Nancy Astor: the first woman MP

In this episode we’ll meet Nancy Astor, the first woman MP; Margaret Bondfield, the first women cabinet member; and Helena Normanton, the first woman ...
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Between the Wars

In this episode we’ll meet Mary Allen, a woman who embodies so many of the tensions that animated British culture between the wars, Dora Russell, Naom...
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