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The Bodaciously Awesome Family Show is the only show dedicated to helping parents maximize their kids' experiences and for kids to reap the fun! Join Adam, Anthony and Zachary as we discuss what we're doing and where we are going. Adventure, excitement, laughter and awesomeness commence!

BAFS in Cirque Italia Prison

We go to prison. Again?! Kinda (but that's an older episode). This time we check out the Alcatraz Cirque show by Cirque Italia. It was BODACIOUSLY AWE...
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BAFS: Army of the Dead

We take on the Army of the Dead! One of us has seen the new Zach Snyder movie, the other asks a lot of questions. Spoilers abound (as much as you can ...
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BAFS is in Tents

We go camping! We... have never been camping. Ever. Ever never. It's just like sleeping inside. Right? Oh. And there's steaming pee!  - Facebook: www....
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BAFS Gator Encounter

It was Mother's Day. Mom and Mimi were shopping. Dad and the boys found (checks notes)... a random alligator (and snakes, pigs, spiders, birds, etc......
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BAFS: Zach at 9

Happy Birthday to ZACH ATTACK. Well, not today. But recently. But who is Zach at 9? Creating a time machine moment and learning about what makes Zach ...
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BAFS: Get Glazed

It's a snack attack! We visit Everglazed Donuts at Disney Springs to indulge in a caloric mountain of goodness. These things are piled high with toppi...
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BAFS Go To WrestleMania!

That's right. WE WERE THERE. Live and in person. Dad and Zach invaded WRESTLEMANIA! It was a Bodaciously Awesome surprise for Zach's birthday - 2 tick...
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BAFS: WrestleMania 2021 Preview

Welcome to WRESTLEMANIA! We're a wrestling family here - and that makes this week the most glorious week of the year. We're gearing up for the Showcas...
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BAFS: Anthony 14

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!!! We decided to dedicate an entire episode to who Anthony is as he turns 14. What are his likes and dislikes? What do the kids...
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