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Just a couple of not so average college guys bein dudes, who talk about a wide variety of topics and their daily life stories in a fun and comedic way!

Ep.13 - Bold Summer 2019

After 3 long gruesome months of not having any Bold & or Brash podcasts to listen to, we're back just in time for the fall. We talk about what we did ...
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Ep.12 - Tea Time Surprise!

We must admit we have been slacking this past month but we had some business to attend. We also had to come back strong with not one but TWO very spec...
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Ep.9 - Deadliest Warrior Returns!

Daylight savings really took a toll on us, as you might tell in this weeks episode. With all of us recovering from the swine flu, we mustered out some...
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Ep.7 - Are we Stupid or Dumb?

If you hadn't noticed were running ads on the podcast for reasons that could easily be explained ;} But all in good fun we chat about people smelling ...
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