Bon's Cast

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Bon's Cast is a comical look into the more absurd side of Canadian history.

The Mad Trapper

We're back Bonners! In today's show we talk about man hunts, posse's, and a whole herd of dogs. We also touch on the new show direction and what to ex...
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John A Mc.Dbag

Our first Prime Minister, some seriously shady dealings, a pretty great co-host I swear I actually know what a Potlatch is!
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Banting The Dog Ripper

Hey Siri, what's a pancreas? A look into a huge moment in Canadian history. Also what do dogs have to do with this?
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The Toronto Circus Beatdown

Clowns, Firefighters, riots, the systematic restructuring of Toronto's police force. It's all here in the debut episode of Bon's Cast!
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