Book Me, Please!

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Looking for a good book? Let host Cornelius Peter and a rotating group of comedians, authors, and entertainers recommend the next ‘page turner’ that you NEED to have on your night stand.! !!! Each week your host Cornelius Peter interviews an ever changing group of comedians, authors, and entertainers and asks each to bring in a book recommendation to share with our audience. It can be any book, any genre, anything at all, so long as it’s a book that they LIKED. We don’t review ‘em, we just recommend them! We ask our guests to bring us something that they enjoyed, in the hopes that you’ll enjoy it too. We’ll find out what kinds of books our guests like and why, where they get them, and which books they just couldn’t put down. Along the way we’ll hear a few funny stories and the end of each hour, you’ll have a smile on your face and the names of a few good books for your nightstand.!