Book Rant

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A podcast for bookish people, opinionated by bookish people. Because ranting is what book clubs are missing.

Chill & Travel Light

Listen,  I think we just needed to have a chill episode. So, here it is.  A chill episode. Vee talks about an old favourite, Travel Light by Naomi Mit...
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I Like to Beautifully Read

Sometimes you just need to get up at 5AM and beautifully read, ya know?Vee recounts her experiences reading This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal ...
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Can We Just Read, Please

Day 829 of our reading slump.Things are looking bleak. The books on the shelves don't vibe with us. Our library books are being returned without ...
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When Opposites Attract

(well, when opposites get compared)Tag along another unhinged episode of emotionally charged ranting! It’s great, though. Don’t be scared.Jess reads/r...
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Welcome to Black Future Month

Happy Black History Month! And also Black Future Month!Vee reads the incomparable genius N.K. Jemisin with her book of short stories, How Long 'T...
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