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Honors English 2 students offer one to two-minute reviews on canonical pieces of literature, as well as modern classics.

The Maltese Falcon (X)

This novel is about Sam Spade, a detective, who is recruited to participate in the dangerous quest to find the elusive Maltese Falcon.
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Kindred 3A

The book Kindred tells the story of Dana, a modern black woman in 1976, who is celebrating her birthday with her husband when she is abruptly snatched...
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The Glass Castle 4A

In this book it talks about everything they went through, their challenges they faced, and how they got to where they are today and what motivated the...
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If you are looking for a book that will capture your attention, will keep you interested, and has an exciting plot line, find out all of this in the b...
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Pudd'nhead Wilson 4A

In many books like these of its time, readers have seen slaves in dialogue as ignorant and resentful.
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Ready Player One 4B

Traveling across a game, risking his life, Wade Watts adventures in hope to find the easter egg left by Halliday so can stop living of poverty and liv...
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