Books and Biscuits

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A podcast by two sisters, here to review your favorite books. With a side of biscuits of course.

Jamaican Me Crazy

This episode was recorded just after the schools and businesses closed and before we were stuck together in our house for eternity. Besides that this ...
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Another musical episode is here! Chapters 16-20 feature a surprising amount of singing, and an unsurprising about of horny comments from Joe. If you t...
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The Erotic Whinny

This week on the podcast: Em and Bertie continue their trek through YOU, slogging their way through a marsh of weird sexual turn on’s, discussions of ...
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Join Em and Bertie as they continue their trek through YOU with chapters 6-10! Featuring several transformations into a musical podcast, definitive fa...
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The Train Pit

Today on the podcast: Em and Bertie begin their journey through Caroline Kepnes bestselling novel, YOU. Join our hosts as they explore new flirting te...
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