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Justin Bellman and Jason Pauli, the first two white guys in their twenties to EVER start a podcast, talk nonsense at you for 45 minutes to an hour and hope you enjoy it!

Boycast #18: You Keep Me Young

In this episode, Justin and Jason discuss getting too old to trick or treat, celebrity lookalikes, and there's something in the middle about Dick Chen...
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Boycast #17: Ice Cream Man

In this episode, Jason and Justin start a business school, John Lithgow murders the ice cream man, Batman gives up crime for chicken nuggets and MORE ...
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Boycast #16: Going to War

In this episode, Jason & Justin determine wartime strategies, Justin tests Jason on his gamer knowledge, and they discover Hamilton, but Jesus? I gues...
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Boycast #14: Another One

THE GREAT RETURN! In this episode that nobody asked for, Justin and Jason discuss DJ Khaled, Star Wars, and grocery store music. So, I guess you could...
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Boycast #13: My Dog, My Actual Dog

Come join us on a journey of merriment as Jason yells at his dad on his birthday, Justin acquires cryptocurrency, and they throw a real, actual party ...
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Boycast #11: Trapped in the Bit

In this episode, Justin and Jason stare longingly into each other's faces, discuss marriage, and there's a lot of kissing. Don't worry, it's exactly w...
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