Break Room at the Cineplex

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Movie theater coworkers Greg, Kyle, and Henry meet up weekly to discuss an obscure movie and their own bizarre lives in the small town of Timberdale. Starring: Ryan Woodyard (Greg Basil) Nick Terry (Kyle McKlinsky) Nick Martin (Henry Harrison)

156 - Water for Leet

Leet Handsome seeks vengeance after the financially struggling Irish Mob uses up all his water and steals his cat. Kyle fears someone is trying to kil...
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155 - Mike Neverstopping

Watchmaker Mike enjoys the simple life in his clocktower until a mysterious stranger arrives with a cryptic message and a task that sends Mike hurtlin...
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153 - On the Brink

Joey is sent to an alien planet on a military mission to acquire its rarest resource at any cost, but when he meets the indigenous population, he begi...
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150 - Pizza Joe at the Peep Show

Pizza Joe's high-stakes delivery promise has him scrambling to reach his destination in 30 minutes or less at any cost. Kyle is auditioning for a loca...
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