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Ep 18. Missing 411

Brian is traveling this weekend, so we're digging one out of our pre-recorded bank! Brian & Eric learn about hundreds of people who go missing in nati...
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Ep 17. Poison The Ghost

Brian and Eric discuss news regarding mysterious repeating radio signals in space, and help a listener with her haunted house problem.
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Ep 16. Mail Bag & Satanic Cults

Brian & Eric watch a police training video about dealing with Satanic Cults, and learn how much Brian would sell his soul for. Police Training Video: ...
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Ep 14. Christmas in the Dark

Brian and Eric set out to record a Christmas episode, after a whole evening of banking backlog episodes. Then lights go out in the studio.
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Ep 13. Secret Societies... Barely.

Brian & Eric come off of a long week and attempt to follow up on their Chaos Magic discussion last week, as well as discuss Secret Societies. Things d...
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