Bridal Chats with Bella Lily Bridal

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Hello Beautiful!.We totally understand how finding your perfect wedding gown is an essential and memorable step in your wedding planning. We also believe every bride should feel their most beautiful the moment they step into their perfect dress. In this podcast we provide tips, ideas and happy anecdotes. Enjoy and remember that "it's not just about saying "yes" to the Dress, the fun is in the search for your perfect dress" Cheers!

Redefining Your Bridal Experience

Hello Beautiful Bride,This is why we redefine the bridal experience by creating the loveliest atmosphere for our brides from the moment they walk thro...
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Savings Tips for Your Big Day

Hello Beautiful Bride,In today's episode, we chat about your wedding budget and how we can save you some money. Budgets are important in life but...
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Wedding Traditions: NO RULES!!

Hello Beautiful Bride,We are so excited to be back! In today's episode, we chat about beautiful wedding traditions and how to start your own and ...
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Flexing For The Wedding

Hi Everyone,In today's episode we chat about how social media pressure can make you feel the need to flex for your wedding. What we mean, is that...
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Bridal True or False

Hi Everyone!We are sitting down to talk about bridal "true or false" topic. These are issues or topics we get asked about all the time and as always, ...
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Unplugged Ceremony

Hi,In today's episode we chat about the pros & cons of having an unplugged ceremony. Let your guests know ahead of time, nominate a friend/helper...
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