Bright Lights Big Data

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Urban planner Mike Armstrong and data scientist Tammy Armstrong discuss their industries and interview local change makers in Des Moines, Iowa.

BLBD 57: How Train Go?

Mike and Tammy talk about commuter rail in the US and the possibility of high speed rail. Also, check out the Green City podcast episodes where Mike w...
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BLBD 56: Hodgepodge

In which Tammy forgets the name of Mod Podge. Mike and Tammy respond to listener questions about how they chose their careers, and what podcasts they ...
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BLBD 55: Book Lights, Big Words

Mike and Tammy talk about topics inspired by their latest reads: "The Information: a History, a Theory, a Flood" by James Gleick (for Tammy) and "The ...
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BLBD 54: I'm the MAAAAP!

Mike and Tammy discuss maps, both real and (deep)fake, and some of the concepts behind image compression.(Apologies for the audio tragedy that is this...
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BLBD 53: Flip for it

Mike and Tammy each come up with reality competition shows for their industries. Netflix, hit us up.Merch is back! Check out to place...
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BLBD 52: Board Games

Not our strongest episode for naming things. Mike and Tammy discuss urban planning-related board games, and some of the probability concepts in games ...
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BLBD 51: I know jack about cities

Mike and Tammy discuss billionaire musician Akon's plans for a brand-new cryptocurrency-powered smart city in Senegal. See also: BLBD 49, BLBD 2.For m...
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BLBD 48: Nasty Times

Mike and Tammy chat about the effects of COVID-19 quarantines on the toilet paper market, air quality, and future transportation planning, as well as ...
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