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BATT Podcast 8: Source Code B46

batt_008_sourcecode.mp3 batt_008_sourcecode.oggSource Code B46 is a course for K-5 students that helps them transform a written story into an animate...
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BATT Podcast 7: David Thomas Moran

batt_007_david.mp3 batt_007_david.oggDavid Thomas Moran is a phoneur, photographer and game designer currently involved in the TRansit Interpretation...
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BATT Podcast 6: Nathan Selikoff

batt_006_nathanselikoff.mp3 batt_006_nathanselikoff.oggNathan Selikoff is a visual artist who employs computer programming and math to create visual ...
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BATT Podcast 5:

batt_005_artfully.mp3 batt_005_artfully.oggFractured Atlas' Selena Juneau-Vogel joins us to discuss open source Arts SAAS product The app ...
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BATT Podcast 3: Necole Pynn

batt_003_necole.mp3 batt_003_necole.oggIn this podcast, we interrogate Necole and the group on a BATT Conference, the Hierarchy of Creatitivy, mentio...
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BATT Podcast 2: Bachalier

batt_002_bachalier.mp3 batt_002_bachalier.oggIn this episode, hear about Kathryn's new outlet on Tweet Speak Poetry, Ryan's play at the Fringe, Proce...
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BATT Podcast 1: Hilary Mason

batt_001_hilary.mp3 batt_001_hilary.oggHilary Mason lives in New York City where she is the Chief Scientist at bitly. She is trying to bring into pop...
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BATT Podcast 0: Kathryn Neel

batt_000_kathryn.mp3 batt_000_kathryn.oggKathryn is a poet, Neurobiologist, Tech geek and innovator who has lived in many places, now returning to he...
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