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Welcome everyone to Briz Podcast! On this channel we give various interviews, tv and movies and many more to make you's have a little laugh. So sit back relax and enjoy the show!!

Fat Pizza is Back

Episode 9- Fat Pizza is back! In case you guys havent heard fat pizza is back on Australian TV. What a way to honour this show then a comback podcast ...
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Acropolis Now 30th Anniversary

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the 30th Anniversary of the one and only the ACROPOLIS NOW. 30 years since the shows debut in 1989 and what a go...
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AVCon 2019 Weekend Recap

Briz had the opportunity to attend AVCON 2019 in Adelaide last weekend and for those who didn't attend I thought why not talk about this lovely Adelai...
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30th Anniversary of Seinfeld

Briz Podcast is back and what a good come back to talk about the best comedy sitcom of all time..........SEINFELD. Hope you all enjoy and heres to ano...
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For all of you who are Disney fans I decided to imitate some live action and cartoon characters. Hope all of enjoy, if you would like to hear more car...
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Steve Irwin

Here on Briz Pocast we say Happy Birthday and talk about the legacy of one of Australia's Greatest Hero's Steve Irwin!!
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Marcos Flores

Marcos Flores joins us on Briz Podcast and gives us an insight about his football career and recently joining Adelaide City
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The Parea

Briz Podcast gives you the first ever guests on the Show, the team of Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros. Song Credit: Palkia by Monik and Carroch
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