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We recap all things Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Paradise!

Windmill. Twice.

It's fantasy suites and we're talking about Luke drowning himself on the moral highground. Also Jed dishes out reality and Tyler abstains. Can the Bro...
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Scott is hosting bingo and Landon's mic is kinda messed up this episode BUT it can't stop us from talking about hometowns!
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Shower God

This train keeps rolling to the broken bridge of love and Luke P but hey we’re having fun on the way.
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Stay in Your Lane

Lots of Bachelorette to cover and the Broses marvel over the wonder that is the stupidity of Luke P. and Hannah B. Plus all of the traditions of Latvi...
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Battle of the Lukes

Luke S. and Luke P. square off in rugby and wits. We'll let you decide who wins. Also we go to the best tourist spot in Rhode Island...Boston!
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Pity Bros

Luke P. is beginning his hulk out phase and Cam is unaware of how he appears to everyone else and the world. All of that, plus labor pains! It's Brose...
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Hannah Beast

Broses Before Roses is back to talk about The Bachelorette and Hannah B's season! It's week one, so we're talking about who made a strong first impres...
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