Buddies Garrity

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Kristen Lange and Donielle Muransky are two buddies who love Friday Nights Lights so much they started this Podcast to re-watch and talk their way through it.

Ep 120 - Mud Bowl with Dan Brown

Dan Brown (not the author) is back just in time for the infamous Mud Bowl! A weird Texas explosion/train crash takes away the Panthers' home-field adv...
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Ep 119 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

The TMU job in Austin becomes a very real possibility for the Taylors except for the fact that Julie flat out refuses to go with them. Meanwhile, Jaso...
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Ep 118 - Extended Families

The Panthers make it to semis but that's not the only thing happening in Dillon. Post-affair reveal, Buddy goes for a nice long stay at casa Taylor, S...
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Ep 115 - Blinders

Fresh off their big playoff win, the Panthers' excitement is quickly dampened by Coach Mac's not so great racist comments. After Julie & Tyra are caug...
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