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A comedic adventure exploring the life and times of a bunch of your buddies! Find me at: Email: buddytalkspod@gmail.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/buddytalks IG: http://instagram.com/buddy_talks Twitter: http://twitter.com/theartfulgent

1-33: The Wing Talks Pt. 1

During lockdown Buddy Talks do just that. We get fancy while enjoying wings. Find me at: Website: BuddyTalksPodcast.com Email: buddytalkspod@gmail.com...
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1-32: We live baby!

Brandon aka Objeckshun is on with me and we talk about our first steps into the game streaming world. Check us out! Website: BuddyTalksPodcast.com Ema...
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1-31: Buddy Talks: The Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out this week so I dive into the whole remake thought process with Will. Find me at: Website: BuddyTalksPodcast.com Email: b...
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1-28: Poly 101

We have a full house in the studio today! Gio, Kelsey, and Joe stop in and I learn about the poly lifestyle. Find me at: Website: BuddyTalksPodcast.co...
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1-27: Don't yuck my yum!

How do you deal with people who feel the need to put down your interests or hobbies when its totally unnecessary? Mike and I discuss it.    Find me at...
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1-26: I love the 80's

This is not your father's IOHO crew! Coming at you to discuss why 80's movies are so freaking awesome. Find me at: Website: BuddyTalksPodcast.com Emai...
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1-25: Food for thought

Anna is back in the studio and we talk about food. Why do we love it? What do we love? Chew on this food for thought. Find me at: Website: BuddyTalksP...
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