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A funny look at relationships, marriage, divorce, love, sex, life, dating advice, and the weird thoughts that pop into Dave's head when he is sleep deprived. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, think, or groan. Life is too important to be taken seriously


Today I'm talking about my time at the Spark Christian Podcast Conference in Grapevine Texas this week. I got to hear Tara-Leigh Cobble speak twice an...
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Am I Having a Heart Attack?

So on Tuesday, I had to crawl through the back window of my house after locking myself out of my house - wait for it - twice.  On Friday I had one of ...
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Hey There You Are!

Today I explain some side effects of 2020.  COVID 19 where 19 stands for how many pounds did you gain? It turns out 444 lbs is heavy.  I may have more...
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I don't Want to Do My Homewrk

While many people may find themselves crying watching This is Us, I thought things had taken a weird turn when I found myself choking back tears when ...
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Where in the World is Roy?

This episode really makes me sound weird. What I'm getting at is how things make you feel.  “I've learned that people will forget what you said, peopl...
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Bags, bags, and More Bags

Today I share some insights into love and living with people who had disorders.  I currently get annoyed with how cashiers bag things at the store. I ...
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Not As Hard As You Thought

I lost a lot of sleep worrying about talking to my sister. My sister (who I love dearly) has always had my back and has a very unique set of skills. W...
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Without a Care in the World

It's always weird how any stories in my childhood involving animals of some sort have a weird outcome, In this case, it was lightning bugs. I took a s...
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There Goes My Hero

Why is it that the people that seem to make the best points ae comedians?  The other night I watched 8:46 by Dave Chappelle. It's an amazing presentat...
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