Business in Black

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A weekly radio program answering questions and discussing topics about being in business, starting a business and growing a business.

When is it Time to Quit?!

You dreamed it, and you poured your hard earned time, sweat, money and tears into it, but there's a nagging feeling that the inevitable has arrived. I...
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Stress in the Workplace

In this episode, we discuss stress and toxic workplaces that have become more common than not in the working world. STRESS is STRESSING US OUT! Decrea...
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Stop Confusing your Clients

Being patient with the process is key to sales, but so is speaking the wrong language to the right target market! Trust me, it happens all the time. T...
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Going Global

Dr. Hughes, the Global Mentor Coach, and I talk all things of starting up an international business. 
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Types of Leaders

No one wants an overbearing manager/leader.  No one wants someone not realistic enough to become flexible in certain situation constantly pushing past...
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