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We're 100x worse and so much louder. Julia and Veronica give you a podcast on things we're like, 85% positive on.. but we don't know.

~Spooky~ Halloween & Horoscopes

Our first guest, Tara, joins us on the pod to talk ~spooky~ Halloween and our horoscopes. We found out we're 100% that....witch. Follow us on Instagra...
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Episode 3: Heated Over Hotdogs

Is a hotdog a sandwich? Is a chili a soup? Let us describe our ideal sandwiches to you... in detail... and kind of answer these questions. Follow us o...
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Episode 1: Hush Hush, Puppies

Veronica and Julia describe the MKUltra and Flat Earth conspiracies. Follow us on Instagram @but_idonknow or send us an email at butidkpod@gmail.com! ...
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