Butt Talk with Adam Newman

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Adam Newman (a.k.a. Adam Poo-man) brings you Butt Talk. Every Two-sday a new guest shares their best butt stories. Things get very stupid.

Episode 22 - Jace Bartet

Jace Bartet from the bands Double Ferrari and Bit Brigade tries to remember details about a toilet he destroyed with his butt 15 years ago. 
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Episode 21 - Jason Saenz

On this special 4/20 episode, Jason Saenz gets high with me and talks about how he can't feel his butt hole after being paralyzed and the time he poop...
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Episode 20 - Luke Fields

Luke Fields from the bands We Versus the Shark, Bit Brigade, and Double Ferrari talks tour poops, theme park poops, and if diarrhea had legs.
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Episode 19 - Jim VanBlaricum

Restaurant and bar owner Jim VanBlaricum comes on the pod to talk late-night poopy food, bidets, and his anal fissure. A real doo-zy!
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Episode 17 - Michael Ian Black

Comedian Michael Ian Black calls in from Coronavirus self-quarantine to discuss the toilet paper shortage, pooing on planes, and the three seashells f...
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Episode 14 - Erica Spera

Erica Spera is the first ever former NCAA athlete (and hilarious comedian) on the pod and talks about the poop and fart sitch on her b-ball team.
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