Call Me Al

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The Call Me Al Podcast is hosted by Al Condeluci and produced by Side Project Inc. and features conversations with people from around the world who are working towards social justice.

Conversation with Allan Bergman

In this episode of the Call Me Al Podcast, Al interviews Allan I. Bergman, an accomplished nonprofit community agency and association executive and na...
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Conversation with Robert Stack

In this episode of the Call Me Al Podcast, Al Condeluci interviews Robert Stack. Mr. Stack worked in the nonprofit and government field for the last t...
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Conversation with Genia Stephen

Al interviews Genia Stephen. Genia Stephen is a speaker, host of the Good Things In Life podcast, and founder of Good Things in Life which helps paren...
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Conversation with Cindy Vogan

Al interviews Cindy Vogan. Cindy Vogan is the founder and CEO of Whole Life Services Inc. (WLS) in Hermitage Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Clarion...
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Conversation with Dr. Guy Caruso

Al interviews Dr. Guy Caruso, Ph.D. Guy, who grew up in New York State, is the father of six children - five sons and a daughter. He and his wife, Mar...
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Conversation with Patti Flaherty

Al interviews Patti Flaherty. Patti is the President and COO of Connect Communities in Canada. Patti lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and ...
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Conversation with John Murphy

Al interviews John Murphy. John works at Disability Rights Nebraska, which is the designated Protection and Advocacy organization.  Disability Rights ...
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Conversation with David Isitt

Al interviews David Isitt. David Isitt is the Founder of Better Connected in Queensland, Australia. Better Connected was established to counteract the...
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Conversation with Dori Ortman

Al sits down with Dori Ortman. Currently, Dori serves as Family Faculty at LEND (Leadership Education in Neuro/Developmental Disabilities) of Pittsbur...
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