Call Me Taboo

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A podcast created to spread positivity in all things "Taboo". Hosted by Sarah Taboo and special guests having discussions on different topics and having plenty of laughs while doing so!

What will you NOT eat???

You would think this is a dirty topic but it is not!  Sarah has fellow podcaster and famous food blogger Nicky Lasagna from on to talk a...
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Long distance relationships...

Sarah has couple Calista and Elizabeth in to talk about Calista joining the Army and how they made this decision as a family also how they are prepari...
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The P___is Experience!

Sarah, Nola and Sam go down the path of a mans "size" big to small...skinny to thick they discuss what it feels like, is it good or bad and what they ...
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Need we say more.....Sarah and her guests Nola and Sam talk of their tales being single in 2018 and sex as single women on Tinder!
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