Calvary Chapel Silverdale

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Our vision is to be used of God for the purpose of His glory and His plan for our community and beyond. We do this by intentionally and purposefully gathering corporately and in small groups to worship God, unconditionally love all people, and seek to live out and extend the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ.

Micah 4: The Lord Will Redeem You

Pastor Peter is taking us through the powerful chapter of Micah 4. In it we see the reality that Christians get to live into, namely the coming Kingdo...
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Micah 1B: The Testimony of God

Pastor Peter Voorhees leads us in the first chapter of Micah. Micah is testifying to both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel (and Judah). Th...
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Micah 1A: The Word of God

Pastor Josh opens us up in the book of Micah looking at the first few verses. The word of God is powerful. When God speaks we should listen. How does ...
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Jonah 4: God In Our Midst

Pastor Peter finishes up the book of Jonah this morning. What a great book that reminds us that God is near and whether we find ourselves in rebellion...
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Jonah 3: When God Relents

Pastor Peter leads us through Jonah 3 this morning. Jonah is a powerful book that reveals God's heart for people. With a reluctant prophet who is in r...
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Jonah 2: Prayer From The Deep

Pastor Pete is leading us through Jonah's prayer that was offered up in the belly of the great fish. Listen in and be encouraged of God's relentless, ...
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Jonah 1B: The Relentless Hope

Pastor Pete picks up in the book of Jonah in verse 4 through verse 16. God is good and the will of God is good. Even in the midst of the storm, God's ...
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Jonah 1a: Turning Towards Tarshish

Pastor Josh Lott introduces us to the book of Jonah. Listen in as Pastor Josh gives us context to the setting of the book and challenges us in the rel...
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