Camp Nightmare

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Whether it’s horror movies, books, news or culture, Camp Nightmare hosts Jordan and JB are on it! They are two horror mutants with a couple microphones, true passion for the subject, and twisted humor that would be unacceptable anywhere but the internet. They have guests (sometimes) and travel cool places (if they feel like it). They are guaranteed to make constant fun of just about anything and everything while dropping some serious knowledge bombs at the same time.

Episode 95: Killer Kids

Finishing off the dysfunctional family series, Camp Nightmare talks about some of horror's greatest Killer Kid movies! We talk everything from Ch...
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Episode 94: Deadly Dads

Continuing the series on killer family members, Camp Nightmare talks about some of cinema's most infamous Deadly Dads! We look at everyone from T...
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Episode 93: Murderous Moms

Starting a short series on killer family members, Camp Nightmare dedicates this episode to some of the movies' most maniacal Murderous Mothers! C...
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Episode 92: Time Travelers

Camp Nightmare talks about strange cases of allegedly real time travelers throughout history! These include strange people discovered in photos and fi...
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