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Shitty raids

Don't raid a streamer and tell them how to run there show simple as that! --- Support this podcast:
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Unfortunately no news because the world is falling apart due to the carona virus so we just talk about the public freakout. --- Support this podcast: ...
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The actual first podcast episode

This was the first episode that was supposed to be up on all the feeds but Tyler was slacking real hard!  --- Support this podcast:
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A million thoughts a minute

It's a fun day with Tylers brain going all over the place and you can tell with the episode! Live every Monday at 12pm est on C...
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We are the best at improv!!

Me and Jesse show our skills and fight for the title of best improv podcast on Magic Squirrel!! Also the vapes are back boys. Want to reach CWT on soc...
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Ep. WTF EndGame Spoilers

Nah were just fucking around there is no spoilers! Only thing that is discussed is our edgy emo phases, the dynamic that makes up the CWT podcast and ...
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Tyler got way to high and that was a bad idea with the knowledge bombs Jesse was dropping.    Want to reach CWT on social media!?!?! For more Bonus co...
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CWT IS BACK!!!!! After our 2 week break the boys come back harder (heh) as we talking about getting our nuts caught in zippers, terrible past relatino...
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Ep. 34 Pushing Jesse's buttons

Insert funny and witty description here!! Just one episode where both of our ADD is very prominent  Want to reach CWT on social media!?!?! For more Bo...
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