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What's in a Mustard Seed?

Jesus tells a parable about the Kingdom of God comparing it to a mustard seed.  The point of the parable, though, is not about the size of the seed it...
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What's Dead?

When we read scripture we do it from a particular frame of mind.  At times the understanding we bring to the Word can lead us to perspectives that may...
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What do you have?

When we put what we have in God's hands and allow Him to work, what we have is always more than enough.  What do you have?
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The Long Haul

As born again believers our Frame of Mind should be an eternal perspective- that we are in an eternal relationship right now with our Heavenly Father....
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Jesus Puts Politics In Its Place

When opposing groups try to trap Jesus with a political question, Jesus uses it as an opportunity to be clear about one thing; His kingdom and the wor...
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Nothing to Fear

There are unlimited opportunities for us to be afraid in the world we live in...but one of them doesn't need to be a fear of sharing the good news of ...
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Curing Headaches for Good

In addressing the question of a man who interrupts His teaching, Jesus tells a parable of a greedy landowner.  However the parable is about more than ...
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When Jesus tells the parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard he is doing it as a further explanation for Peter when he asks "since we've given so much...
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A Hijacked Vineyard

Jesus tells the story of a hijacked vineyard to the chief priests and pharisees in the temple after the triumphal entry.  He is essentially calling ou...
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Better Than Turn or Burn

Jesus tells a parable about a vineyard-keeper who steps in to take responsibility for a fig tree that is not producing figs.  In fact, the fig tree wa...
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