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Capsule Production Podcast: Our goal is to inform pre-pharmacy students, pharmacy students, and licensed pharmacists, alike, about all the different career possibilities that come with a Pharm.D degree.

S5E16: Season Finale!!!

On this season finale episode, Sean and Jovin are joined by Rachel and Alvin to discuss their P2 year and the future of the podcast team.    PS: This ...
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S5E15: Final APPE Rotation Recap!

On this episode, Jovin and Sean sat down to discuss their last couple of rotations and their overall APPE experience. Jovin recently completed his las...
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S5E11: Applying for Fellowships!

On this episode, Jovin, Sean, and Rachel sat down with My Tran and Ramond Waide to discuss their fellowship application experience. My Tran will be a ...
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S5E10: Match Day Results!

On this celebratory episode, Jovin and Sean discuss their residency match day results and invite some special guests to discuss theirs, so please tune...
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S5E8: Why have a PharmD/MBA?

On this episode, Jovin sat down with Dr. Alyssa Lowder to talk about the reason why she pursued an MBA, the benefits of being a pharmacist with an MBA...
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