Care Quality - Meet The Leaders & Innovators

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In this podcast Liam Palmer will speak to some of the most influential and innovative minds in the social care sector in the UK.

Interview with Katie Thorn

In this episode, Liam Palmer speaks to Katie Thorn, Project Leader of Digital Social Care, the website.   Katie can be found here:
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Aneurin Brown from Hallmark

In this episode, Liam Palmer speaks to Aneurin Brown, the Group Operations Direction from Hallmark Care Homes.   Aneurin can be found here: linkedin.c...
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Rachael Crook

In this episode, Liam is continuing his focus on the tech side of the care sector, by speaking to Rachael Crook the social care entrepreneur and found...
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Sarj Radia

In this episode, Liam speaks to Sarj Radio, a tech entrepreneur who is the founder of C360 now known as Access Care Compliance. They are the leading c...
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Richard Mcintyre

In this episode, Liam talks to the innovation, health and social care consultant - Richard Macintyre. Richard can be found on LinkedIn -
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