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This podcast is all about the biggest F of them all Fatherhood.

Ep56 Giving other parents a pass

In this podcast episode I chat about a personal experience that almost sent me down a negative pathway. Fortunately I have an amazing partner who help...
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Ep 55 with My Boys

I have had a lot of amazing guests on the show, but DADHOOD this episode is my favorite so far. In this episode I get the chance to sit down with my t...
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Ep 54 Yelling

In this episode I chat about yelling and why I believe it makes the parenting situations worse. If you are experiencing the same issue with dadhood re...
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Ep 53 with Joshua Pettigrew

In this episode I get the opportunity to chat about the DADHOOD with my friend Joshua Pettigrew. Josh is the founder of the fitness apparel brand It's...
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Ep 52 with Drew Manning

Drew Manning is best known for his creation of Fit2Fat2Fit.  Drew is such an amazing guy and his honesty and vulnerability in this episode are so capt...
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EP 51 with Brent Skinner

Brent Skinner is a business owner, loving husband, and amazing dad. Brent shares so many great insight to both life and parenting in this episode. I h...
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Business and Family with Dan Young

Dan gives a ton of advice about life, business, and family in this episode. The advice Dan shares in this episode is free, but the value is worth a to...
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Ep 48 with Edwin Espinel

In this episode Edwin shares his stories on life and family. Edwin has had some amazing career opportunities that have provided him with such an amazi...
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Ep 47 with DJ Erockalypze

This episode was so much fun. DJ Erockalypze brings so much energy and advice to this episode. His story of following his dreams while being a father ...
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