Casting Across Fly Fishing

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The Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast explores the quarry and the culture of fly fishing. Each episode, I'll discuss some aspect of fly fishing - the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish.

Head to Toe Fall Fly Fishing

I don't use the term magic much. But there is something magical about fly fishing in  the fall. The woods and the fish get more colorful. The fishing ...
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Fish Fight, part 2

So much work goes into getting a fish onto your hook. But then what? A social media post got me thinking about how we fight fish. It is all about gett...
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Fly Fishing Accusations, XV

In this episode, I admit that I made a mistake. Seriously: For years I've failed to do one of the things that I emphasize in my writing and speaking. ...
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Special Guests Q&A

"There's no such thing as a bad question." Not true. But you're not going to hear any bad questions on this week's podcast. Today I get grilled by two...
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Fly Fishing, Come Fall

Fall is, without question, the objectively best season of the year. In my opinion. Whether you are mourning summer or waiting for the water to freeze ...
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Late Summer Fly Fishing Whatnot

So, how did you spend your summer break? To be fair, most of September is still summer. And there is a lot of great fly fishing to be hand well into t...
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Reaching for a 3-Weight

I know. I talk about light fly rods a lot on Casting Across. Part of the reason is because I really, really enjoy them. And the other part is because ...
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Camp Close to the Fish

There are two schools of thought when it comes to sleeping on a fishing trip. Some people want comfort: resorts, hotels, your own bed. Some people wan...
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Mid-Season Maintenance

Most fly fishers do a decent enough job of looking over, cleaning, and organizing their gear before the season starts. But if you have been fishing ha...
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Be An Amateur Angling Historian

Latest and greatest had to start somewhere. Often, that place had a lot going for it too. Having a preliminary knowledge of the history of fly fishing...
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