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Podcast of weekly sermons from Community Church of West Garden Grove by Pastor Eric Williams and guest speakers.

Trinity: The Three Visitors

Week two of our Trinity Series - This week we look at Andrei Rublev's painting/Icon of 'The Three Visitors' based on the Genesis 18 account of the ang...
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Theology of Work

This week is a bit of a one off as we dive into our work and how it relates to the Scripture. Text: Various Teacher: Eric Williams
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Explain Like I'm 5  This week we look at Demons by using a passage in Luke 13.10--17 via Lectio Divina--a divine, meditative reading.   Text: Luke 13....
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eli5/Kingdom of Heaven

"How would you explain the Kingdom of God to someone?"   This week we look at the overwhelming dominant theme that Jesus continually points toward.  T...
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eli5/Signs and Wonders

What were 'Signs and Wonders'?  How might they differ from miracles, and what did they indicate to Jesus and his followers in the ancient Near East?  ...
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"Who were the major religious groups in Jesus day, and what did they believe?" Looking at the 4 major religious groups--Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodian...
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“How did they understand the vocation of Rabbi in Jesus’ time?” This week we look at the question of Jesus as our Rabbi and have some time to discuss ...
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What kind of healings did Jesus do? In the book of Matthew we get two pictures of Jesus: The Teaching Messiah (Matt. 5--7) and the Touching/Healing Me...
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eli5/Sermon on the Mount

This week we look at Jesus' sermon on the Mount and discuss the question, "How would you summarize Jesus' Sermon on the Mount." Brian Dishon starts ou...
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