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Izzy, Shelby and Avery discuss conspiracy theories, drugs and crime as well as other things. Going off on tangents and experiences they have had in their lives.


This week izzy,shelby, and avery talk about covid 19 conspiracy theories
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Astrological signs 101

In this episode, avery shelby and izzy all discuss their sun and moon signs and what they may mean. Shelby also shares a short story she wrote.
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Mur... mur-der!

*WARNING* this podcast contains graphic content*. Avery talks about the murderer Laurie Bembenek. Shelby and Izzy weigh in on the murder and all talk ...
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Notice us @MFM

Izzy talks about a murderer in her distant family. Shelby talks about Dejavu. The girls talk about dreams and life.
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