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Can We Survive True Justice?

CLR Show 1708. Air Date February 1, 2022. The only thing worse than a non-indictment of Trump and his cronies for conspiracy to overturn an election w...
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In The Time After Trump

CLR Show 1705. Air Date January 18, 2022.  Most republicans appear to be operating under the delusion that the facade that is Trump is as perpetual as...
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Finally: High Hanging Fruit

CLR Show 1704. Air Date January 14, 2022.  With the indictment of the Oath Keepers on charges of Seditious Conspiracy, the path is now clear for the i...
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What Would Autocracy Feel Like?

CLR Show 1703. Air Date January 11, 2022.  At long last, Mr. Biden is laser focusing on the fascistic autocracy that would likely replace American dem...
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The Argument For Hope

CLR Show 1702. Air Date January 7, 2022.  We are past the point of reasoning with republican politicians and their base.  They are owned by a combinat...
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Future: Inevitable

CLR Show 1701.  Air Date January 4, 2022.  Under the best of circumstances, the election of 2024 will be a national nightmare and, possibly, represent...
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How To Save A Teetering Democracy

CLR Show 1619. Air Date December 28, 2021.  If we're going to re-establish America as the gold standard for democracies, both in our own eyes and thos...
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