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Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or small business owner looking to connect with other small business owners ? Are you yearning to know how they became successful at what they do? Then tune into Chatting with Experts podcast as we have all the right answers for you! Here you can listen to successful small business owners like Sonia Stetzler, Bill Franklin, Tesse Akpeki, Leanne Cannon and so many others share tips, advice and strategies on how they built their businesses . Join us on and determine how to become the success that you are.

I immigrated to Canada

Marguerite Orane immigrated to Canada in 2009 and says that there is a lesson for immigrant women. " When we come to a new country, especially North A...
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Why I left Jamaica-Marva Riley

When asked why she left Jamaica, Marva Riley says " We came to the United States for economic opportunities, not because we didn't love or beautiful i...
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Alexandra Zion An Educator

Alexandra Zion, a young Nigerian woman came to the US as a student in 2018 to continue her education, pursue a master's degree in research in Afrofutu...
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A Nigerian's Struggle To Triumph

Struggle to Triumph is how Tomide Awe, the senior revenue strategy and operations manager at Twitter, founder of Olori - an African fashion brand that...
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Puerto Rican or Dominican

My guest Lisa Santiago McNeill is a third generation Latin American, Puerto Rican, and Bahamian who thought for many years that she was Dominican and ...
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