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Here at Cheers we hope to offer up an informative look at tasting and evaluating beer, as well as insights on homebrew and craft brewing processes. From time to time we will bring you special editions of Cheers covering various craft beer events and homebrewing exploits. Our goal remains simple; enthusiastic discourse on a subject we are both very passionate about, beer! So pour a beer into your favorite glass, relax and enjoy. Cheers!

Episode 15

In today's episode, we take a tour of California, starting off with a collaboration beer spearheaded by Stone Brewing. Then, we sample a beer by Russi...
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Episode 14

In honor of a collaboration between Dogfish Head, Victory and Stone Brewing Companies, we sample signature brews from each. Then we discuss our precon...
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Episode 12

Today, we are exploring the monastic beers of Belgium, starting off with Westmalle Dubbel and ending with St. Bernardus 12. We also sample an American...
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Episode 11

In this installment of Cheers, we celebrate Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary with their XXX Stout. Then, we update our audience on recent homebrew hap...
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Episode 10

In today's episode, we celebrate the changing season with two German lagers, as well as Victory Brewing Company's Prima Pils. Afterward, we make an at...
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Episode 9

In this St. Patrick's Day episode we pay homage to the Irish Red Ale with four commercial examples of the style. And, as always, we discuss our curren...
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Episode 8

In today's episode, we analyze the results of our double IPA experiment: Same Grains, Different Hops. We then compare them to commercial offerings fro...
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Episode 7

In Episode 7, we celebrate with Bell's and their Batch 9000, then we decimate ordinary, average, run-of-the-mill beers with Founder's Nemesis, and (HO...
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Episode 6

In today's episode we will be reviewing three beers from 2008 and discussing our latest homebrewing exploits. This past weekend marked our one year an...
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