Cheers To Beers

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Cheers to Beers: the podcast that lasts as long as the pint (or two). I invite beer lovers across the land to share a pint and discuss what we're drinking, industry insights, and everything craft beer. Grab a beer and join us!

Summer Beer Challenge

Jess and Shawna pick their respective top 3 summer beers and discuss why and how they are ideal for beating the heat. 
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Half Pint 9 - Modelo Time

F*uck, Marry, Kill, brewery addition, the best Mexican imports, what a Mexican lager even is, and don't be racist on Cinco de Mayo.    Past Meets Pres...
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Sticky Hands! Hops Galore!

Representation matters! Black people love beer! Drink more west coast IPAs! Jess and Shawna are joined by Chanell Williams aka @hopsgalore to talk rep...
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XOXO Seattle Gossip Girls

Seattle Gossip Corner but make it the whole episode. There'a all sorts of shenanigans in the beer world right now: co-opting trauma to sell beer, diet...
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Super Bad Commericals

Jess and Shawna rate the super bowl beer commercials, hate on theme park beers, and introduce a new segment, Seattle Gossip Corner.
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