Chew the Fat

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"Chew the Fat" with Ryan Finley and Brad Nordstrom to discuss everyday life from fitness to family. Support this podcast:

The Christmas Episode

Brad and Ryan try Eggnog for the first time, as well as talk about Santa and our favorite gifts as children.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor...
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The Lost Episode

We reach deep into the archives to bring the the LOST episode. Listen to Brad and Ryan heckle golfers during the 6th annual MPF golf tournament.  --- ...
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The Burnt Calorie

Listen to Ryan and Brad as the discuss "hot topics" such as the 4th of July and bugs as they sit in an infrared sauna. Disregard the horrible audio as...
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Episode Fore!

Watch out! Ryan has the case of the golf shanks and snakes are migrating towards to F-M area. We discuss the Keto diet and hold our breaths for the ex...
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The First Calorie

Join Ryan and Brad as we try to figure out how to podcast. With technical difficulties and not knowing what we are doing, we both agree....WE CRUSHED ...
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The Third Calorie

Join Ryan and Brad as we discuss golf, the chippy challenge, and have a drawing competition during "extra calories."  --- Support this podcast: https:...
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Episode "Tew"

Join Ryan and Brad as they discuss interval training, farm-phonics, as well as where you shouldn't pass gas.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor...
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